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Zoho Survey

Sometimes the way you ask is as important as what you ask. With templates in 30+ languages, Zoho Survey allows you to ask the right questions in the right ways. Customizable themes let you tailor the look of your survey, so that even the smallest button suits your brand and style.

Why Choose Zoho Survey?

Your audience is in many places, so your business and message should be, too. Be confident that your survey will reach your respondents by sending it in emails, posting it on your website, and even going “old school” by collecting responses offline. With Zoho Survey, people will be able to answer the way they want, allowing you to close the distance between you and them.

How Does Zoho Survey Work?

Zoho Survey uses features like branching and logic to let advanced users optimize their surveys by pre-populating answers and creating follow-up questions. Organize your surveys to make them more relevant to participants, and improve the quality of responses. Zoho Survey will allow you to easily upload files, score answers, set up an email trigger, and more.