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Zoho Reports

Zoho Reports is a BI and analytics solution that allows you to create insightful reports and dashboards. It assists you to visually analyze your business data, and to take informed decisions. With Zoho Reports, you will be able to easily transform raw data into valuable insights.

With Zoho Reports, you will be able to combine multiple reports into a single beautiful dashboard, with just a drag-and-drop!

Why Choose Zoho Reports?

Zoho Reports allows you to connect to any data source. Business data now lie scattered in flat files, feeds, databases, cloud storage services & online/offline applications. Wherever your data is, it’s now easy to synchronize your data with Zoho Reports for analysis & reporting. Data sync is automatic and can be scheduled periodically.

And the best part: Zoho Reports provides a familiar ‘spreadsheet-like’ interface for data addition, analysis & reporting. This makes the system easy to adopt for users familiar with spreadsheets. From there, you can make use of a variety of charts, widgets, pivot tables and tabular view components to create insightful reports & dashboards.

How Does Zoho Reports Work?

Zoho Reports is simple to use: just click & apply pre-built analytical functions. The system uses an Excel-like easy-to-use formula engine, with an extensive library of mathematical & statistical functions to extract the required business metrics from your data.

Combine multiple reports into a single beautiful dashboard, with just a drag-and-drop. Insert images, formatted text, widgets and web components in a flexible designer layout. Make it easier for your executives/users to track KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) effectively.