If you’re using Zoho CRM or Zoho Creator and QuickBooks Online, chances are that you’ve got some redundancy happening.  You use Zoho to track your sales and operations but then invoicing happens in QuickBooks.  This means you’re then manually entering them in QuickBooks and detailing out an invoice.

QuickBooks online is very popular, even among otherwise diehard Zoho users.   As a result, one of our most common Zoho integration requests is to create a Zoho QuickBooks integration to eliminate that redundancy.

Here are common scenarios that we’ve addressed:

A Zoho QuickBooks online integration eliminates redundant effort and reduces errors.  This is a great way to help scale your operations without a matching increase to headcount (or getting up yet another hour earlier!).

From a development standpoint, we’ve found that a full out synchronization isn’t necessary.  A little Deluge scripting in Zoho to push contacts and invoices is usually what’s needed.  Luckily, Zoho CRM and Creator both have support to authenticate with QuickBooks.  This means that our code only needs to focus on the actual work to be done, without a lot of overhead.

If you’re using Zoho and QuickBooks and would like to discuss your use case for a Zoho to QuickBooks Online integration, we’d love to talk.