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Zoho Creator

No two businesses work the same way. And that’s why you need a customized solution to sustain your unique process. It doesn’t have to be hard, though. Use Zoho Creator to build an app that’s a perfect fit for your business. You can even make mobile apps to complete tasks on the go.

Why Choose Zoho Creator?

Create custom apps for your unique business needs with Zoho Creator. You don’t have to be a programmer to design great applications, thanks to Creator’s drag-and-drop interface, along with a powerful scripting language that will help you design and automate workflows with a minimal amount of code.

How Does Zoho Creator Work?

Forms, reports, and workflows are the essence of every application. With a completely drag-and-drop interface, Zoho Creator is designed to help you go from an idea to an application in minutes—even if you’re not a programmer.

Zoho Creator’s UI is intuitive and structured logically, matching the thought process of the user. What you need during the app-building process is always right in front of you in the UI dashboard.

The structured arrangement of instructions ensures that you sail through the app building without any confusion.