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CRM Services and Solutions

At Hero Technical Solutions, we provide a full range of services -- from meeting with you and asking the right questions through customizing, automation, training and ongoing support. Learn more below about some common problems we solve, and how we can help!

Problems We Solve:

  • Does your sales team need a boost in efficiency?
  • Are you unaware of what's in your pipeline, because everyone is doing their own thing? 
  • Is your team struggling needlessly from lack of a centralized system for your customer and operations information?
  • Is manual data entry killing your productivity?
  • Did you decide on Zoho but not sure what to do next?
  • Do you have other systems that you need to integrate with Zoho?

We can help!

We also offer services “a la carte” if you’re already working with a Zoho app and need some expert help to get the job done quickly.
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