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Custom Apps

Need help with custom apps? Zoho CRM is a flexible software package that can be tailored to the specific needs of your unique business. Zoho offers great flexibility and can often meet all the business requirements for your ideal software solution.

In some cases, you need more specific tools for your job and what you need may be very unique or complex. Our consultants can discuss your needs and determine if custom programming will provide an appropriate solution. Hero Technical Solutions has been developing custom software to extend the functionality of CRM software for the last twelve years.

This Is (Typically) How It Will Work:

  • Tell us what it is you’d like to have done. We’ll make sure there isn’t already something out there that will do what you need without custom development.
  • With a broad sense of what you're looking to do, we'll provide a price to do the upfront planning and design a specification - we call this Discovery and refer to it as our Blueprint.  We also give you a range on what the actual project will cost.
  • We’ll ask you lots of questions, refine the process of what the tool will do, and work together to write a specification for the development.
  • Once we’re in agreement on a specification and fixed price (no nonsense = no estimates or hourly billing), we’ll get to work and write the software.
  • After development is complete, we’ll install the custom work, make sure everything is operating smoothly, and then give you some time to make sure it’s exactly what you asked for!
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