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Can Going Slower Help You Sell Faster?

By Kai Harris

In the sales industry, we are all extremely conscious of time. Especially when it comes to taking too much time. Chances are, we've all heard complaints about sales not being as fast as before, support tickets taking longer to close, and marketing campaigns not fattening the sales pipeline in the bl...
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Does Your Sales Process Help You Win?

By Kai Harris

Have you ever visited a business and you can't figure out how they are still in business? Like the popular restaurant where the food is delicious, but the service isn't always great? Or your favorite hair salon, where you love the stylists, but sometimes the wait is unbearable?

Why is it that these p...

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How Will My Business Benefit With Blueprint?

By Kai Harris

In our previous post, we shared four incentives of the Zoho CRM + Blueprint integration. But now, let's take a quick step backward, to provide a clearer picture of Blueprint. Sales leaders put time and effort into defining, planning, and setting up their sales process. But most of them stop there an...
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