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Can Going Slower Help You Sell Faster?

By Kai Harris

In the sales industry, we are all extremely conscious of time. Especially when it comes to taking too much time. Chances are, we've all heard complaints about sales not being as fast as before, support tickets taking longer to close, and marketing campaigns not fattening the sales pipeline in the bl...
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5 Not-As-Fast Ways to Even More Inbound Leads

By Kai Harris

In our previous post, we provided 5 fast ways to attract more inbound leads. Now, let's take it a step further. If you've mastered those steps, then we invite you to check out these not-as-fast but potentially more effective ways to earn even more inbound leads.

1. Webinars.

Webinars are an extremely...
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5 Fast Ways to More Inbound Leads

By Kai Harris

A steady flow of leads is an essential component to getting (and keeping) your business running. For this reason, marketers spend a significant amount of time, effort, and resources planning campaigns and content that will generate new leads who will eventually turn into paying customers. 

Easy ...
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5 Things You Learned in Kindergarten That'll Help With Leads

By Kai Harris

Remember kindergarten? That great place where we were all free to explore, play, and be whoever we wanted to be? Well, turns out kindergarten is more than just a fond memory of the past. Many of the lessons we learned in kindergarten can help us be stronger in our business; specifically when it come...
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One Tweak to Double Web Results

By Kai Harris

If you are in sales, chances are you already know that lead response time matters. The fact is, lead response time (the exact time it takes you to follow up with a lead that has contacted your business) can either make or break your sales. As many researchers have shown in various studies,
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Why Does Follow-Up Matter?

By Kai Harris

With the growing popularity of varied digital communications channels -- internet, blogging, social media, etc. -- today‚Äôs marketing and sales landscape looks vastly different from that of just a few decades ago.  The path to purchase is no longer a straightforward line; it is...
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