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One Tweak to Double Web Results

By Kai Harris

If you are in sales, chances are you already know that lead response time matters. The fact is, lead response time (the exact time it takes you to follow up with a lead that has contacted your business) can either make or break your sales. As many researchers have shown in various studies,
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Which Email Marketing System Is Best For You?

By Kai Harris

Are you considering email marketing? If so, chances are you need help deciding on the best system for you. How do I know? Because there are a ton of systems out there, and many of them are pretty good! How do you find the best email marketing system for you, then? 

First -- why do you need an em...
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Video: Zoho CRM Follow Up Workflow

By Kai Harris

In the previous video post, we offered tips for managing follow-up, and staying on top of your deals. Now, we have created another quick video to specifically demonstrate the process of creating workflows through Zoho CRM, which will enhance and automate your follow-up proce...
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Video: Zoho CRM Follow-Up Strategy

By Kai Harris

In the previous post, we offered our insights on why follow-up matters. With follow-up, you will build relationships and close more deals. And with Zoho CRM, that follow-up will be easier than ever! 

Check out this quick video, which features tips for managing follow-up, and staying on top of yo...
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Why Does Follow-Up Matter?

By Kai Harris

With the growing popularity of varied digital communications channels -- internet, blogging, social media, etc. -- today‚Äôs marketing and sales landscape looks vastly different from that of just a few decades ago.  The path to purchase is no longer a straightforward line; it is...
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