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6 Habits That Turn Prospects Away

By Kai Harris

Being excited about selling your product or service is a good thing. But too much excitement can make it easy to fall prey to bad habits instead of making a smarter, more innovative pitch to your prospects. 

Sales reps only get one chance to sell – and the choices you make can eit...
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The Worst Advice About CRM

By Kai Harris

There is plenty of advice out there about CRM, everywhere you look. So how do you sort through the good and the bad?

Recognizing the need for CRM is the first step; now, we should clear up some misconceptions about CRM that can inhibit success.
Here's the WORST ADVICE we've e...
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10 Insightful Quotes About CRM

By Kai Harris

We write a lot of posts on CRM. Most include stats, how-to guides, and advice on improving your business. But not this post. We are taking a break from the heavy stuff, to give you this list of fun and insightful quotes on CRM.
We picked these quotes because they are smart, necessary, and...
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How will Zoho One Function in my Business?

By Kai Harris

In our previous post, we introduced you to Zoho One. If you’ve done the Zoho One math and decided that it’s the best for your business, then this post is for you. Now that you are familiar with the system, let’s discuss how Zoho One will actually function within your business.

An Operating Sys...

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