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Zoho Finance Plus: An Introduction

By Kai Harris

Here at Hero Technical Solutions, we are all about progress. And that's one of the many reasons we love Zoho!

Over the past few years, Zoho noticed that companies’ interaction with their customers had evolved. However, traditional CRM software hadn’t. So, they brought you Zoho CRM Plus — an end-to-en...

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Does Your Sales Process Help You Win?

By Kai Harris

Have you ever visited a business and you can't figure out how they are still in business? Like the popular restaurant where the food is delicious, but the service isn't always great? Or your favorite hair salon, where you love the stylists, but sometimes the wait is unbearable?

Why is it that these p...

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Hero: Top Blog Posts of 2017

By Kai Harris

In celebration of the new year, we are counting down our top blog posts of 2017! If you missed any of these posts before, you'll want to check them out now -- after all, they are the best.


5) How to Get Started with Zoho CRM

In this blog post written by company president Len Kamerman, we...
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5 Simple Ways to Automate Your Routines With Zoho CRM

By Kai Harris

In our previous post, we discussed how cloud-based CRM can help your business. Now, let's take it a step further. You're ready to choose your cloud-based CRM system, but which should you choose? 

Cloud-based Zoho CRM offers CRM experts committed to providing you with a quality product and e...
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