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7 Savvy Ways to Spend Leftover CRM Budget

08.03.18 01:52 AM
It is easy to find articles online about creating and following a CRM budget. We all know that CRM costs should be evaluated when deciding on how to implement CRM, and which system to choose. 

But what if you set a budget, and follow the budget so well that you still have some money leftover?

What are the most strategic ways to use leftover money from your CRM budget -- in a manner that adds value?

We have given it some thought, and come up with this list of seven savvy ways to spend your leftover CRM budget.

1. Invest in professional services.

There are a few professional service options that could be beneficial to your new CRM system. If you are using Zoho CRM, some options include:
  •  Zoho user and admin training
  • customized reports
  • extra workflow automation

2. Hold onto it (but not for long).

Set the extra money aside for a soon-but-not-yet next phase, such as email marketing and/or integration with another business system. But keep in mind that some budgets are "use it or lose it", so beware of the fiscal year!

3. Make some upgrades.

Upgrade your mobile devices or buy tablets - Zoho has a great mobile app and CRM even works efficiently on tablets! These upgrades will prove beneficial to the accessibility of your CRM system.

4. Get feedback.

Plan reviews with a CRM, sales, and/or business process consultant. It is always a good idea to get feedback on ways to improve your CRM system and overall sales process.

5. Improve your look.

Work with a designer / design team on any templates or branding, so that what you create reflects your brand and looks professional.

6. Revamp your phone system.

Upgrade your phone system to a VoIP service that is compatible with Zoho’s PhoneBridge so you can dial, track calls, and find incoming caller records and deals with ease.

7. Celebrate!

Take your team out for a 30-day post implementation celebration (or another appropriate milestone) -- they, and you, deserve it!

In what interesting ways have you used leftover money from your CRM budget?