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Zoho CRM: How to Label Your Stuff

10.05.18 04:21 AM
If you are reading this post, hopefully it means that you are using (or thinking about using) Zoho CRM. And if not, here's a great post on why you should! 

Okay, back to business. If you are new to Zoho CRM, you may have noticed that there are several ways to label stuff in CRM. And you may be wondering where to put different info in Zoho CRM. Perhaps you are migrating from another CRM system with different terminology, or maybe you are new to using a CRM app. 

Either way, we can help!  

Here is our simple guide to understanding some of the modules (tabs) – Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Deals – in Zoho CRM.

1. Leads

This is a place for "collected" contacts. For example, people who have signed up for your free download, or people you met at a tradeshow. Such collected contact information belongs to Leads. Basically, the leads module is a bucket to hold a lot of names that you may not have had any interaction with, and you'll keep them here until you qualify them as prospect contacts, at which time they become a Contact, an Account, and possibly also a Deal. Learn more here.

2. Contacts

Contacts are not necessarily customers. Contacts are people that you want to record details for – everything from contact information to notes, emails sent, and activities scheduled / completed related to that person. This is also place for customers. Let’s say you followed up on a Lead and have made a sale. Now, you have a happy customer who you will interact with on a regular basis. Move that person from Leads to Contacts.

3. Accounts

This is a place for businesses. Accounts are companies or organizations. Accounts usually have one or more Contacts, and the details from the Contacts (deals, notes, activities) roll up to the Account so you can see details from multiple people at the same company at once.

4. Deals

This is a place for opportunities. A Deal is a piece of business, sometimes called a potential or an opportunity – it could be 5 cases of widgets, an annual membership, a construction project, or a life insurance policy. You'll use your list of Deals to make sure that each one gets the next step taken and is followed up on, with nothing falling through the cracks.

But wait... here's the best part.

Everything I've just told you is only one possible interpretation of how to use the various modules in Zoho CRM. Because Zoho CRM allows extensible customization, you can rename the tabs to suit the industry/business you are in. And you can even add custom fields in each module!

For those of you who are already regular users of Zoho CRM – how do you use the above modules?