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5 Fast Ways to More Inbound Leads

11.04.18 10:44 AM
A steady flow of leads is an essential component to getting (and keeping) your business running. For this reason, marketers spend a significant amount of time, effort, and resources planning campaigns and content that will generate new leads who will eventually turn into paying customers. 

Easy enough, right? But -- how is this actually done? 

The best way to turn strangers into customers / promoters of a business is through inbound marketing techniques. With Inbound Marketing, visitors find the necessary information regarding the company on their own -- a factor that builds trust and credibility in a business. This is also an extremely cost effective method to generate traffic -- and the right traffic -- that can be converted  into qualified leads over time. 

Sounds great, right? But -- how do you actually get this people? 

Here are five fast ways to improve your lead generation process and get more inbound leads:

1. Website.

The website you build for your business is one of the first interactions that prospective customers will have with your business. The design of the website is one of the main factors that potential customers will consider when deciding on your product/service. They will value your business based on the quality of the site.

A professionally designed website will attract more customers than a poorly designed one.

The layout of your website should be simple yet effective. Apart from attracting more visitors, the most important thing to focus on is keeping them engaged right from the start. Successfully engaging prospects through solid web content is crucial for capturing contact information and converting them into leads. 

If people aren’t interacting with the website, that means the site isn’t providing any value or benefit. Having a strong online presence means having a strong website.

2. Content.

The popular saying goes: “Content is king” -- but we prefer to say, “Quality content is king.”

Creating and sharing targeted content that answers the questions of prospects and addresses relevant issues, helps increase a companies’ lead prospects drastically.

Quality content will automatically attract more links. So, what makes quality content? Here are some tips.
  • Be original
  • Add images and videos to keep the audience engaged
  • Keep it simple; write short and pointed content.
  • Proper fonts and text formatting matters
  • Write to a targeted audience.
  • Make content easily accessible across social media platforms

3. Blog.

Did you know that 23% of total internet usage time is devoted to social networks or blogs? Which means that’s where a major chunk of users obtain information and knowledge. Blogging has the potential to drive a significant amount of leads into your sales funnel.

If content gets you leads, blogging gets you found on various search engines. 

For a business, blogging does more than let followers know about recent company news and events. An attractive, educational, carefully curated blog acts as a lure to visitors. Not only that, the more valuable pages you publish, the higher search engines like Google rank your website.

4. SEO.

Speaking of Google: When using a search engine, we are looking for information to solve a problem. Potential clients want to learn how to overcome the challenges they face. People tend to prefer the results on the first page because they indicate higher quality. High-ranking placement in the results of search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) ensures easy accessibility and a steady flow of visitors. 

This is why SEO is so important: you need to make sure that your content appears prominently on the web.

By carefully curating key words and optimizing content in the five areas below, you can effectively communicate the intended message to the search engine.
  • Page title
  • URL
  • Headers
  • Image tags
  • Body copy

5. CTA.

CTAs are a small but effective tool for optimizing inbound marketing and lead generation. They transport the visitor from one piece of content to the next for mutual benefit: They are better informed and marketers have a better opportunity for conversion. It’s important to guide your visitors through the buying journey using strategic CTAs. 

Here’s what you need to keep in mind to create an effective CTA:
  • Be crystal clear about what you’re offering: Clarity is key. Be specific about what your offer is. If you’re giving away a free guide, say “ Download our FREE guide to X,” where X clearly conveys the benefit of receiving the offer. This is much more effective than “Download now.”
  • Use images rather than text to stand out: Images / visuals stand out more on a website than text. They are hard to ignore, and they capture the attention of the audience easily.
  • Use colours that contrast with your site’s colour schemes: If your CTA blends too much with your site’s colour scheme, it won‘t stand out. You want as many eyes to land on the CTA as possible, so it’s better to use contrasting colours.
  • Appropriate to your purpose: Finally, the method that works best for you is the one that is most appropriate to your aim and your audience. Ask yourself what you’re trying to accomplish, and design your offer around that vision.

Let's Recap!

Inbound Marketing is all about providing remarkable quality content to your users, whether they be visitors, leads, or existing customers. 

Hopefully these 5 fast tips have given you a better understanding of how following the right combination of inbound marketing techniques can help grow your business significantly by escalating lead quality, decreasing sales cycle times and increasing lead flow.

In our next post, we will delve into five not-as-fast ways to attract even more inbound leads -- stay tuned!