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How Will Gamescope Fit in my Business?

16.08.18 08:51 PM
In our previous post, we introduced Gamescope: a feature in Zoho to increase sales team performance by increasing engagement.

Now, it’s time to take it one step further. You know what Gamescope is… but, how will it work in your business?

In sales, it’s all about balance. If you are a salesperson, closing that hard deal may be rewarding, even though making sales notes for each call is not. Zoho is adding Gamescope across all products to help salespeople turn those tedious tasks into exciting games!

How Does It Work?

In Gamescope, points are awarded for making progress with work such as completing tasks, closing tickets and deals, and resolving bugs. This is tracked in a scorecard. Each game happens within a time frame. The ones who score the maximum points when the game ends win trophies.

Apart from these, you can also collect badges by achieving specific targets. For example, anyone who finishes five tasks an hour could collect a ‘Taskmaster Badge.’ And the winners get to show off their badges and trophies in the scorecard or in their individual profile pages.

Here are a few other great incentives of using Gamescope in your business:


If games can only be initiated and run by bosses, they turn into a means of supervision. The fear that a defeat may get noticed by a superior is just the thing that could stop your team from wanting to be part of them.

Gamescope is different. 

The goal is to build a culture of camaraderie and peer respect. So, anyone can start the games and also pick who gets to watch them play. The bosses needn’t even get wind of any action, if that’s what the players want.


As you make progress with work, the scores are updated live. Say, by earning some points, a player overtakes another to reach the top position. The one who is now second immediately hears about this, and pushes hard to regain the lead. This results in a neck-and-neck race for the trophy, creating an atmosphere of intense excitement around the work involved.


You can configure the games to ensure every contest is keenly fought. Specify how many points are earned or lost for each action, create custom trophies and badges, and add detailed criteria for awarding points.


Zoho’s suite of apps covers all aspects of running a business including, H.R., productivity and collaboration, sales and marketing, and help desk. This will put you in a position to eliminate the monotony wherever it can occur.

Gamescope is now available for Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects.

A game can turn a dull day into a lively one making everyone give their best. And no matter how they end, your business emerges a winner!