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9 Telltale Signs You Need CRM

10.01.18 10:43 PM
Most business owners have some kind of system in place for organizing information about customers, team members, and leads. This might mean a handful of business cards in a Rolodex, a binder flagged with Post-its and paperclips, or an app in a smartphone.
Regardless of the organizational system, the one requirement is that it works.

But how do you know when it is not working? If you are using your own organizational system -- or even if you are already using CRM -- but feel that it is not working, it might be time you get some help! Here are 9 signs you need help with CRM.

You Might Need Help With CRM If...

9.Your cell phone functions as your personal assistant. It's okay to take advantage of your phone's technology when it comes to taking notes and recording information, but this should not be your sole method. 

8.  You send out email marketing blasts, but see no increase in business. Perhaps this means that you are not sending out the right message, at the right time, to the right people! 

7. You have lost track of which customers are paying on time, paying late, or not paying at all. With the right CRM system, this information would always be right at your fingertips. 

6. You want your sales team to have an easier time doing their job. An inefficient sales team will cost you precious time and money. 

5. You spend time outside of the workday, working. If your evenings and weekends are consumed with boring paperwork and organizing, you need a better solution. 

4. You end days out in the field abruptly because you don't know where to go when appointments finish early. With a little help, you will always have a Plan B. 

3. You spend a ton of time entering the same information into a bunch of different systems.Wouldn't it be nice to have one place to enter all your information? 

2. You can't remember any customer history, and it costs you.Having easy access to customer history will let you know how to communicate best, and what to suggest next. 

1. Your best customer signs with a competitor. Though this could have happened for a variety of reasons, the right CRM system will keep you engaged with your customers and their needs -- for the long haul!

So, do you need help with CRM?