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Zoho Finance Plus: An Introduction

By Kai Harris

Here at Hero Technical Solutions, we are all about progress. And that's one of the many reasons we love Zoho!

Over the past few years, Zoho noticed that companies’ interaction with their customers had evolved. However, traditional CRM software hadn’t. So, they brought you Zoho CRM Plus — an end-to-en...

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How Will Gamescope Fit in my Business?

By Kai Harris

In our previous post, we introduced Gamescope: a feature in Zoho to increase sales team performance by increasing engagement.

Now, it’s time to take it one step further. You know what Gamescope is… but, how will it work in your business?

In sales, it’s all about balance. If you are a salesperson, clos...
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Work Hard, Play Harder?

By Kai Harris

Salespeople love the challenge of landing the next big deal: discovering the lead; building the relationship; beating the competition; negotiating the terms; signing the contract. It’s fast-paced, high-stakes work.

Sales teams are competitive by nature. Games are the perfect platform to encourag...

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How Will My Business Benefit With Blueprint?

By Kai Harris

In our previous post, we shared four incentives of the Zoho CRM + Blueprint integration. But now, let's take a quick step backward, to provide a clearer picture of Blueprint. Sales leaders put time and effort into defining, planning, and setting up their sales process. But most of them stop there an...
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How will Zoho One Function in my Business?

By Kai Harris

In our previous post, we introduced you to Zoho One. If you’ve done the Zoho One math and decided that it’s the best for your business, then this post is for you. Now that you are familiar with the system, let’s discuss how Zoho One will actually function within your business.

An Operating Sys...

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Do The Zoho One Math -- Should You Switch?

By Kai Harris

By now, you've probably heard about Zoho One: the revolutionary all-in-one suite to run your entire business. With an unprecedented amount of integrated applications on one account, plus complete administrative control, at an affordable price, Zoho One will change the way yo...
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