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How Can Zia Help Your Business?

By Kai Harris

Often, while wondering what, how, or even when to do something, we wish someone would just TELL us the answer. Zia (the AI-driven sales assistant for Zoho CRM) has those answers, at least for your CRM. Zia spent the last year learning what activities and patterns govern a sale and she’s ev...

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How Can You Make The Most of Zoho CRM with Reports?

By Kai Harris

In our previous post, we shared 5 key sales reports for a winning team, and we mentioned that Zoho CRM will allow you to track all those metrics. Now in this post, we will show you how!

Keeping track of activities handled by sales reps—the tasks, events, and calls made to prospects—is a crucial aspec...

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10 Simple Social Media Hacks for Sales

By Kai Harris

These days, everyone is either on social media or talking about social media. We’ve all figured out by now that having a strong social media presence and fostering an active community of followers is imperative for sustainable success.

However, this level of social media “fame” is not achieved overni...
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4 Benefits of Integrating Blueprint + Zoho CRM

By Kai Harris

We recently presented at the Zoho Toronto User Group, and one of our topics was Blueprint in Zoho CRM. So, we thought -- what better topic to blog about? Blueprint is a newer feature of Zoho CRM that has recently been revised to make it more user friendly. Blueprint will not only help you efficientl...
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Zoho CRM: How to Label Your Stuff

By Kai Harris

If you are reading this post, hopefully it means that you are using (or thinking about using) Zoho CRM. And if not, here's a great post on why you should! 

Okay, back to business. If you are new to Zoho CRM, you may have noticed that there are several ways to label stuff in CRM. And you may be w...
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8 Compelling Advantages When You Choose Zoho CRM

By Kai Harris

Considering Zoho CRM? If you are still on the fence, we hope this blog post will help you get to the other side! Here are 8 compelling advantages you will gain when you choose to make the switch to Zoho CRM.


1. A company you can trust.

Zoho, with over 10 years in the CRM domain and...
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5 Steps To Get Started With Zoho CRM

By Kai Harris

Are you thinking about getting started with Zoho CRM? Or, are you already using the system, and interested in learning some easy ways to integrate more effectively? If so, you've come to the right place! To begin:
CRM is often misunderstood as an application or a tool, but in the real sen...
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How to Setup Zoho Campaigns & Zoho CRM Integration

By Kai Harris

In our previous post, we provided a few great reasons you should integrate Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns. We hope that you have decided to take our advice, and are ready to setup your integration! 

In this 30-minute video, we will demo the Zoho Campaigns / Zoho CRM setup. It is important that this...
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3 Great Reasons To Integrate Zoho CRM & Campaigns

By Kai Harris

After our last post, you should be up to speed on finding the email marketing system that is best for you. And if you took our advice, you are considering/using Zoho Campaigns for your email marketing needs! 

If you use Zoho CRM, an integration between Zoho CRM and Campaigns will ...
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Video: Zoho CRM Follow Up Workflow

By Kai Harris

In the previous video post, we offered tips for managing follow-up, and staying on top of your deals. Now, we have created another quick video to specifically demonstrate the process of creating workflows through Zoho CRM, which will enhance and automate your follow-up proce...
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