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Friday Five - Tracking Stocks and Mutual Funds in Act!

By Kai Harris

This week we talk about how to track stock and mutual fund info inside of Act! and if it's possible to automatically update this information.

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3 Great Act! Opportunity Tips for Sales Management

By Kai Harris

OK!  We're way overdue for an update here and I wanted to share a video I posted that shows you 3 things you probably don't know you can do with Sales Opportunities in your Act! database. So many people have been asking about and under-utilizing Opportunities recently that I wanted to show in a...
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ACT! on Blackberry Q10 and Z10

By Kai Harris

Blackberry Q10 Now Supported by Handheld Contact

One of our favorite ways to work with ACT! from a mobile device now supports the Blackberry Q10, Blackberry's latest device with the BB10 operating system.  This version sports the built-in keyboard that a lot of users have been waiting for. ...
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