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Workflows in Microsoft CRM 2011 on More Than 250 Records

By Kai Harris

On a number of occasions I've built workflows that had to be run against large quantity of records in Microsoft CRM 2011 - far over the maximum page limit of 250 records.  That has meant creating a view where records won't show up once they've been processed, and waiting a few minutes in betwee...
14.03.13 11:39 AM - Comment(s)

IES Rocks with Microsoft CRM Online as Featured on MSDynamicsWorld

By Kai Harris

One of the best and most business-changing projects I've had the opportunity to work on with Microsoft CRM was last year, when Industrial Electronic Services (IES) in Mississauga invited me to work with them to come up with a solution to manage their growing industrial repair business.  They li...
20.07.12 02:04 AM - Comment(s)