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Friday Five - Printing Individual Contact Records in Act!

By Kai Harris

On this week's Friday Five we cover a bit of the report editor in Act! and specifically how to get page breaks inserted after a section - our example shows where to tell it to do a page break after each contact.

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Friday Five - Place of Birth Search on Act!

By Kai Harris

This week's Friday Five shows how to add a link to the Web Info Tab, using an example of showing news for a contact's place of birth.  This is a great tip if you are look for ways to strike up conversation with your clients, as well as in general to see how to add your own links.

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Friday Five - Creating Reports to Track Calls Made and Meetings Scheduled in Act!

By Kai Harris

To kick off our first week of the Friday Five this video covers how to create reports to track calls made and meetings scheduled in Act! This is a great tip if you currently feel that you are under-utilizing the reporting features in Act! 

The Friday Five is a video seri...
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