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7 Savvy Ways to Spend Leftover CRM Budget

By Kai Harris

It is easy to find articles online about creating and following a CRM budget. We all know that CRM costs should be evaluated when deciding on how to implement CRM, and which system to choose. 

But what if you set a budget, and follow the budget so well that you still have some money leftover?

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How Can CRM Help Me Become a Better Salesperson?

By Kai Harris

How do you define success as a salesperson? Truly successful salespeople know that monetary success only comes as a result of being great at what they do. But how do they become great? 

If you’re just starting your journey as a sales rep, or working to improve, one of the first things to underst...
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The Worst Advice About CRM

By Kai Harris

There is plenty of advice out there about CRM, everywhere you look. So how do you sort through the good and the bad?

Recognizing the need for CRM is the first step; now, we should clear up some misconceptions about CRM that can inhibit success.
Here's the WORST ADVICE we've e...
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10 Insightful Quotes About CRM

By Kai Harris

We write a lot of posts on CRM. Most include stats, how-to guides, and advice on improving your business. But not this post. We are taking a break from the heavy stuff, to give you this list of fun and insightful quotes on CRM.
We picked these quotes because they are smart, necessary, and...
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9 Telltale Signs You Need CRM

By Kai Harris

Most business owners have some kind of system in place for organizing information about customers, team members, and leads. This might mean a handful of business cards in a Rolodex, a binder flagged with Post-its and paperclips, or an app in a smartphone.
Regardless of the organizational ...
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The Biggest CRM Trends from 2017

By Kai Harris

Happy New Year! 

It is 2018, so we figured what better time to reflect on 2017. Last year, we noticed a lot of cool things happening in the CRM world, which we hope means there is even more to come this year!
Here are the top trends we spotted in 2017:

Artificial Intelligence

In 2017, there...
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Why Does Follow-Up Matter?

By Kai Harris

With the growing popularity of varied digital communications channels -- internet, blogging, social media, etc. -- today’s marketing and sales landscape looks vastly different from that of just a few decades ago.  The path to purchase is no longer a straightforward line; it is...
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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Cloud-Based CRM

By Kai Harris

CRM is a tool that many businesses use to centralize the customer database, automate processes, and have instant access to a comprehensive view of customer interaction(s) and sales opportunities. But there are several CRM options out there, so how do you choose the right one? Our advice: if you are ...
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