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Review: Last Month's Blog Posts

By Kai Harris

Each month, we post blogs on our site featuring a wide variety of topics. We share posts that highlight our favorite tips, insights, and trends in the CRM industry; videos that offer both product tutorials and step-by-step instructions; and posts that focus on general business strategies / etiquette...
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Hero: Top Blog Posts of 2017

By Kai Harris

In celebration of the new year, we are counting down our top blog posts of 2017! If you missed any of these posts before, you'll want to check them out now -- after all, they are the best.


5) How to Get Started with Zoho CRM

In this blog post written by company president Len Kamerman, we...
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What Is A Blog?

By Kai Harris

If you're browsing our site and came across this article, chances are you're already familiar with what a blog is and this article isn't for you.  I recommend you check out some of the other articles on things like linking QuickBooks with ACT!, great ACT! Resources, or options for getting ACT! ...

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