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How to Create an Act! Database Backup Routine

By Kai Harris

Hopefully by now as Act! users, we’ve all realized the importance of having a good database backup routine. This is so crucial because let's face it, there is no worse feeling than the realization that you have permanently lost an abundance of data! 

In hopes of avoiding this situation, her...
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Cannot insert duplicate key row in object sys.syscommittab

By Kai Harris

We've been seeing this syscommittab ACT! error message more often recently with ACT! 2012 and ACT! 2013 so I decided to write a blog post on it as it's a fairly straight forward fix using a file supplied by Sage. 

This error can occur during backup, repair, creating a remote database, or synchro...
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ACT! and Crystal Reports - Complete Example

By Kai Harris

Last month I did a quick video showing how to connect  ACT! to Crystal Reports using the OLE DB2 provider.  We do a fair bit of work with ACT! and Crystal Reports and wanted to share a general overview of how it's done. 

In this example, I take you through a complete report that:
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Interview: ACT! Reports with Stonefield Query

By Kai Harris

Stonefield Query is one ACT! addon that I have never spent a lot of time on, given that I'm a Crystal Reports guy and it is not a "cheap" piece of software. 

However, I've heard on many occasions that what sets it apart and makes it worth consideration is that it's both easy to us...
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Crystal Clear Essentials Webinar

By Kai Harris

February is "Reports" month at Hero and on our blog we're focusing on different ways to slice and dice your ACT! database. 

One of the best reporting tools for ACT! world is one we haven't covered on the blog yet, and I'm guilty of being a little rusty on it myself, so I've a...
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Sage Jettisons ACT! to Swiftpage

By Kai Harris

Sage sells ACT! and others to Swiftpage for $101 Million Today Sage sold ACT!, SalesLogix, and MIP (non-profit) to an investment company and Swiftpage for $101 million.  The sale of ACT! to Swiftpage has got us at Hero particularly interested. 

This was not expected, or at least Sage seems ...
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The Easy Reports in Your ACT! Software

By Kai Harris

I'm not a big fan of reinventing the wheel. 

Even when at times it's going to cost me a nice report-writing project or the sale of some ACT! addon software, I always try to find something that exists in the software out-of-the-box ("native") or if we have to go custom, I look for somet...
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Hey Sage ACT! and Microsoft CRM Users: Learn About Inbound Marketing

By Kai Harris

It's not directly related to Sage ACT! software or Microsoft Dynamics CRM directly, but we're going to start focusing more on other online sales and marketing tools on the blog (as these go hand-in-hand with CRM software) and this one is a humdinger.  If you've heard me talk about Inbound Marke...

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Achieve Your Goals Using Sage ACT! Software - Part II

By Kai Harris

Last Friday I started off this series by sharing some things I've learned about goals and how to set them up to increase the likelihood of your success.

Today I want take you through how you might use ACT! to keep track of the info about your goals and most importantly, how to plan to take action...

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Acheive Your Goals using Sage ACT! Software - Part I

By Kai Harris

I'm admittedly not a big fan of New Years Resolutions.  It seems like no one keeps them for more than a few days or maybe a month, and we don't hold each other accountable because no one ever really expected a long term commitment.

I've changed my stance a little bit on that and while I'm still ...

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