Hero Technical Solutions

ACT! Database Export and Conversion

Need help getting your data into or out of Act? We specialize in wrangling data, and we provide a quick flat-rate service for exporting Act data into CSV files.

If you need to get your Act data into CSV files (generally for a one-time import into another system), we offer a $249 USD one-time Act export. Turnaround time is generally within 1 business day from receiving payment and your database.

For other import or export requirements, please get in touch by phone or contact us.

ACT! Database to CSV Export

We will receive your Act data from a provided Act backup (.zip) file and do a one-time export to a series of CSV files. Please review the details below, and once verified schedule your export, then use the link at the bottom of this page to upload your database and send your Act username and password. The details are as follows:

  • Database conversions are typically done within one business day, but may take up to two (if your export is time sensitive, call first)
  • Each record type in your database will be exported to a single CSV file
  • Each CSV file with data associated with other records contains unique ID’s that can be used to link records together
  • Uploaded Act data is strictly confidential
  • Database export service is non-refundable unless we cannot export your data

Database Backup Transfer

Database upload (be sure to include your Act username and password!):