Hero Technical Solutions

Our Story

Hero Technical Solutions provides businesses with contact management solutions to help them effectively track, share, and analyze information about their customers and clients. We provide general consulting, needs analysis, implementation services, database customization, software development, and worldwide technical support. We primarily focus on Zoho’s CRM, Creator, Campaigns, Reports, Forms, Survey, and Books apps, though we also do integration work with other Zoho apps and third party systems.

Our goal is to help small and mid-size businesses transform the way they work by implementing creative technical solutions to business problems. We achieve this by listening to client needs, followed by drawing on skills and effective tools. Through these solutions, our clients achieve greater levels of organization and effectiveness, leading to happy customers, better service, and more sales.

Our Team

Len Kamerman

Zoho CRM & Creator Certified Consultant

Len Kamerman started Hero Technical Solutions in 2006 setting up small businesses with CRM software (Act in those days), doing everything from training to customization to technical support. Over the last decade, he’s honed his skills in business processes to be able to ask the right questions, understand the challenges of our customers, and then deliver fantastic solutions on the Zoho platform. Working with Len does require an appreciation for dry humor at times, and be warned that while he does exhibit some extroverted traits, he’s really a nerd – though the sign in his office indicates he prefers the term “intellectual rockstar”.

Taylor MacGregor

Zoho Creator Certified Developer

Taylor MacGregor is a recent graduate from the Computer Software Engineering program at Mohawk College. Taylor started with Hero as a co-op student, where he dove into Zoho Creator and became a Zoho Creator Certified Developer in record time. Taylor does much of the work to make Zoho Creator apps come to life, as well as developing a lot of custom integrations between Zoho and third party apps, often at unusual hours.

Christopher Coventry

Zoho Creator Certified Developer

Chris Coventry is a detail-oriented developer with a knack for coming up with all the ways someone might break software and user-proofing it.  Chris largely works with Zoho's scripting language, Deluge, as well as some external development to extend what we're able to build for customers.  He's also a cat person, but so far that hasn't caused any significant issues.