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  • Zoho Expertise From Your CRM Hero

    Providing CRM software TRAINING and SOLUTIONS across North America

  • We know Zoho.

     Zoho CRM is now in it’s tenth year, and we’ve been working with it at Hero for the last six years and are a Zoho Advanced Partner.  It’s proven itself as a platform on which we can build solutions that transform businesses and it's what we use ourselves every day!
  • Custom Development

    In some cases,  your needs may be unique or complex, requiring more specific tools. Our consultants can determine if custom programming will provide an appropriate solution. Hero Technical Solutions has been developing custom software to extend CRM functionality for the last twelve years.

Custom Zoho Apps

Is normal data entry killing your productivity, leaving you feeling behind, or requiring you to add hours and staff to grow?

Zoho Expertise

Do you have Zoho but you're not sure what to do next, or do you have questions about what's possible and need to talk to an expert?

Zoho CRM Trial

Are you currently searching for a new or replacement CRM system, and interested in a free trial or help through a demo or quick tutorial?

Zoho Training

Do you want to learn more about Zoho and how to create a customized solution for all your business needs?

Integrate with Zoho

Are you interested in learning more about building integrations between Zoho and just about anything, in the cloud or on premise?

Zoho Customization

Do you need to customize Zoho so it works the way your business does, easily tailored to help you stick to your process and help you do your best work?