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3 Great Reasons To Integrate Zoho CRM & Campaigns

After our last post, you should be up to speed on finding the email marketing system that is best for you. And if you took our advice, you are considering/using Zoho Campaigns for your email marketing needs!

If you use Zoho CRM, an integration between Zoho CRM and Campaigns will allow you to synchronize contacts from CRM to one or more lists in Campaigns. In addition to saving time, this will:

  • enhance your marketing efforts
  • help you understand your customers better
  • and keep you organized!

With all the right tools, Zoho Campaigns makes it easy to design, send, promote and track all your email marketing campaigns. You have information that you want to share with your customers; now you can get it out quickly.

Sending out regular email campaigns does not have to be tiresome.

Need more? Here are our three great reasons why you should integrate Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns.

1. Customize sync fields and build segments based on that data, which allows you to send your email campaigns to specific segments. This is very powerful because it allows you to send relevant emails to the right people, instead of blasting the exact same message to everyone. And the best part — this can be done without having to spend a lot of time. Set up your segments, and then contacts who meet the right criteria will automatically end up in the right segment. This keeps your audience more engaged and greatly decreases the number of unsubscribes due to irrelevant mailings.

2. You don’t need to spend time exporting contacts from CRM and importing them into an email marketing system prior to sending out every single email campaign. You also don’t have to export the unsubscribe data from the email marketing system back into CRM – this is done for you by the sync with CRM. This will be a major time saver, and will also help you stay compliant with anti-spam legislation.

3. Get detailed results back inside of CRM, so you can see if a given contact opened the email, clicked on links, etc. You can even create views based on this – for example, a view of all the people who clicked on a link or opened the email at least twice. This allows you to focus your follow-up sales efforts on the right people.

In our next post, we will highlight A/B testing, workflow, and how you can send out professional looking content using the innovative features of Zoho Campaigns!


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