Discovery Process

Are you wanting to implement a CRM system for your company, but not quite sure how to get started, what software to choose, or how to make sure that your project does not fail?  Our customers’ best projects happen when they enlist the aid of an experienced consultant right from the start, to help them build a plan for their implementation.  That plan helps the implementation to not just provide results, but to transform their business in a way that is only possible with thorough planning and precise execution.


blueprintHero Blueprint

We call that plan a Hero Blueprint. It’s a complete system of steps that you’ll work through along with an ACT! or Microsoft CRM Certified Consultant that will help to:

  • determine the correct software that can solve the problems or provide the desired results (have we got the right software?)
  • maximize your return on investment by looking at the problems to solve, results to achieve, and price to implement with a critical eye (will this actually save or help us make money?)
  • plan out a scope of work that we can use to provide you with a fixed price solution and avoid hourly rate nonsense (just how much will we need to invest and what’s included?)
  • ask the right questions up front to come up with a feasible plan to implement (will this solve our issue?  will our staff use it?)
  • map out project responsibilities, timelines, and checklists for success (how long will this take and what resources are needed?)


Every Hero Blueprint is different, but every one of them is a critical tool that saves money and helps ensure success.
To get started with your Hero Blueprint, call us at 1-800-260-2243.