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Can Going Slower Help You Sell Faster?

In the sales industry, we are all extremely conscious of time. Especially when it comes to taking too much time. Chances are, we’ve all heard complaints about sales not being as fast as before, support tickets taking longer to close, and marketing campaigns not fattening the sales pipeline in the blink of an eye.

Though fast transaction times are important, it’s unfortunate that turnaround time has become one of the premier ways to measure success. 

Closing a ticket in under a minute might be considered excellent work by a customer support agent, but the fast-yet-generic approach is never going to elicit the same response as a considered, well-researched message. Giving an impersonal sales pitch to thousands of leads or sending generic emails across multiple marketing campaigns will never sustain your conversion rate.

So, what does work? Here’s how SLOWING DOWN can help your sales, customer support, and marketing teams to sell FASTER!

Focus on the long-term.

By slowing down, sales reps have more time to focus on the long-term viability of a customer. This removes the pressure to resort to high-volume conversion techniques that offer nothing substantial for your leads.

Find qualified leads.

Nowadays, people crave authenticity, so the fast-talking, hustling salesperson is a thing of the past. Instead of trying to win over leads with charming elevator pitches, your sales reps can spend their time learning about the prospects’ needs, budget, and usage. The time and effort put into research will help increase the volume of qualified leads, while also helping you identify top prospects.

Build a rapport.

Once you have a sizable group of qualified leads, the next step is to build a strong rapport. Asking pertinent questions to discover the prospect’s business needs will make you stand out from the dozens of other pitches being send to them. And if your approach stands out, social media will ensure that word about your product will spread quickly.

Shape the relationship.

A measured, patient approach to your prospects will improve the loyalty of your customer base, whereas high-pressure, hard-selling sales tactics offer nothing more to you than a quick buck. Ease up on sales pressure to increase credibility and build a productive relationship with prospects.

Finding qualified leads, building a rapport, and shaping a relationship is not as hard as it sounds for an agent who can take their time. And for customers, time spent in the service queue isn’t a big deal compared to finding a quality solution.

What are some quality ways you can slow things down in your business?


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