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Tips for Personalizing CRM to Meet your Team’s Needs

Zoho CRM

Recently, we introduced and reviewed the recent updates to Zoho CRM. If you need to get up to speed on Zoho CRM 2016, check out our recent webinar before you continue:


Now, let’s take it a step further. Specifically, how can these updates be best utilized to meet your team’s needs?

Zoho CRM 2016 provides a host of options for personalization and customization. We’ve listed a few of our favorites below, to emphasize how these tools can function to energize, motivate, and organize a team.

Improve Email with Zoho Sales Inbox

With Zoho SalesInbox, you can now customize your email to organize sellers and prioritize leads. SalesInbox automatically prioritizes your emails based on filters you define, such as deal value or closing date. You will then have the ability to customize filters and settings in ways that matter to you, such as:

  • Filter leads by any number of CRM criteria, from deal size to closing date to source.
  • Automate the process of lead conversion — set triggers that categorize new messages as leads.
  • Create automatic notifications to reply to specified emails for a particular set of customers.
  • Create responses in advance and share them with the team so that everyone has the answers ready.
  • Create dynamic, updating folders for “Closing This Month”, “Customers”, and “Deals”.

Custom Buttons + Advanced Filters

With the new custom buttons and advanced filters in Zoho CRM, you can streamline frequently recurring processes and customize your CRM to ensure that your system works best for your company. Custom buttons with Zoho CRM help you configure a predefined set of actions that can be executed with one click, such as:

  • Add buttons to your modules and define specific actions to them to accomplish tasks faster.
  • Create a custom button to connect your CRM to any other third-party application.
  • Custom buttons can link CRM to Zoho applications like Projects, Books, Docs, Campaigns, and more.
  • Design button actions without complex code or scripting. Choose actions from the gallery, or write your own functions. Here are some things you can use custom buttons for:
    • Convert leads to vendors.
    • Auto-fill forms.
    • Connect to third party apps.
    • Send sales proposals and invoices.
    • Pull information from external sites.
    • Calculate the value of potential deals and add it to accounts.

Advanced filters allow you to find what you’re looking for, fast. Filter data based on criteria, such as tasks, notes, and emails, to target deals and make sales decisions strategically. These filters are entirely customizable, so that you can:

  • Create intelligent combinations and know if there are:
    • Deals closing this month that haven’t had any activity from your team. Now you can follow up to ensure you seal the deal.
    • Leads that have no open activity associated with them. Revive a cold lead and close a new sale.
    • Leads or deals that have overdue tasks that might require action on your part.
  • Choose from multiple parameters to filter customer info and get more meaningful results.

Zoho CRM 2016: Gamescope

We have all heard plenty of sayings about “making selling fun”, without much instruction on how to accomplish that goal. Now, with Gamescope, you can do just that! Gamescope in Zoho CRM allows you to set up peer-to-peer contests for your teams, energizing your sales team with badges and trophies to reward best practices and keep your team motivated. And the best part? You can customize Gamescope so that it works best for you! For example:

  • Earn badges and trophies for daily activities you select, such as quick follow-ups, converting leads, and closing deals. Select criteria based on current sales goals and/or target areas.
  • Create a showdown among different sales regions to build some healthy competition.
  • When new sellers join the team, get them in the game with seasoned reps to help them all develop and grow.
  • Use pop-up notifications to keep your team informed every time a lead is converted or a deal is signed.

These are just a few of the ways you can use Zoho CRM 2016 to meet your team’s needs! Learn more by watching our webinar, where we continue our discussion of what’s changed and what’s new in Zoho CRM’s 2016 update.


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