Grow Your CRM Software

You use CRM software every day and have mastered the basics.  As your business grows, so do the demands on your resources, especially time, and with it comes the need for a more sophisticated CRM system.

One of the core strengths of Hero is that we’re really, really good at gaining an understanding of your business and its processes and then combining that with expert knowledge of what is possible with your software.  The results are solutions that go beyond “Contact Management” and empower your business to do things not otherwise possible.

If you can dream it, we can get CRM to do it.  Just book in a free call with us.

If you can’t quite yet dream it, then read on!  Here are a few examples of projects we’ve done with our customers that turned CRM into one of the most essential elements in their business.

Custom Sales Reporting for National Franchise

A customer with locally owned franchises across Canada engaged with us to create a report that would provide insight on the activity and success of their sales people.  A franchise owner is able to set goals for each sales person, including how many prospects acquired, calls made, sites surveyed, proposals presented, and deals closed.  The report provided counts of each activity, closed sales totals, and showed whether the sales person was on track to meet their monthly goal.  This report serves as a tool for the owner to see what needs to be done to reach their sales targets, so they are able to coach their staff accordingly.

Fax and E-mail Automation

A customer in New York had been using Act! for a long time and was looking to increase their business, but doing so meant they would need the ability to manage a high volume of faxes and e-mail messages to a large number of contacts.  Hero engaged with this customer to custom develop a solution driven completely within their Act! software that allowed staff to choose a document template, perform mail merge on the fly, and then distribute the documents through both fax and e-mail and record progress within Act! history.  The software made it possible to handle the demands of increased business and helped the customer grow their annual revenue by millions of dollars each year.

Excel Integration

As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  We often find that customers who are using CRM to manage their sales have an Excel-based quoting system that has been customized to meet their needs.  On more than one occasion though, we have provided custom integration so that contact details in CRM can be pushed to their Excel forms and then the resulting information can be stored inside of their CRM system, making the process more efficient and the resulting quote documents easy to manage.

Custom Quoting Solution

After years of struggling with quoting tools that didn’t quite fit the bill, we engaged with a number of dealers of heavy equipment to create custom quoting software that was specifically built for their requirements, allowing them to do everything from tying in with their CRM to choosing items from their own inventory systems to displaying recently won opportunities in a web-based dashboard.  We built exactly what they wanted within the CRM software they had been using for years that created quotes just the way the wanted them to work.

HubSpot Integration

We provide a solution that integrates HubSpot (web-based marketing automation software) with Act! software, so that contacts who fill out forms / landing pages on your website are automatically created and updated inside of Act!

Customer Portal

A customer providing services to soon-to-be college students had been using Act! for years and his staff spent a lot of time on administrative tasks, especially updating information about the students they worked with, such as their course grades and the prospective schools they were visiting.  Hero built a web portal that allowed the students to manage their own information and communicate directly with staff to update their own grades, academic activities, schools visited, and more.  This not only made managing this information much more efficient, but provided a distinct point of differentiation for his business.

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