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3 Great Reasons To Integrate Zoho CRM & Campaigns

After our last post, you should be up to speed on finding the email marketing system that is best for you. And if you took our advice, you are considering/using Zoho Campaigns for your email marketing needs!

If you use Zoho CRM, an integration between Zoho CRM and Campaigns will allow you to synchronize contacts from CRM to one or more lists in Campaigns. Here are our three great reasons why you should integrate Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns. Continue reading

5 Simple Ways to Automate Your Routines With Zoho CRM

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In our previous post, we discussed how cloud-based CRM can help your business. Now, let’s take it a step further. You’re ready to choose your cloud-based CRM system, but which should you choose? Cloud-based Zoho CRM is an excellent option for its simplicity, functionality, and compatibility. Here are 5 simple ways to use Zoho CRM in automating the most repetitive parts of your sales process. Continue reading

Why Integrate CRM and Social Media?

As a brand, you have the ability to identify your regular customers. When they visit or call your business, you typically have a way to recognize them and assist with their needs. But what happens when these same customers reach out to you via social media? Will you recognize them there? You can, by using a social media tool that integrates with your CRM. Continue reading

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