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5 Things You Learned in Kindergarten That’ll Help With Leads

Remember kindergarten? That great place where we were all free to explore, play, and be whoever we wanted to be? Well, turns out kindergarten is more than just a fond memory of the past. Many of the lessons we learned in kindergarten can help us be stronger in our business; specifically when it comes to finding and securing leads. Here are 5 things you learned in kindergarten that’ll help with leads.
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The Worst Advice About CRM

There is plenty of advice out there about CRM. So how do you sort through the good and the bad? In order to get the maximum potential from a customer relationship management (CRM) system, it must be properly implemented and understood. Recognizing the need for CRM is the first step; now, we should clear up some misconceptions about CRM that can inhibit your success. Continue reading

10 Insightful Quotes About CRM

We write a lot of posts on CRM. Most of them are filled with stats and how-to guides and advice on improving your business.

But not this post. We are taking a break from the heavy stuff, to give you this list of fun and insightful quotes on CRM. We picked these quotes because they are smart, necessary, and articulated by some cool people in the business/CRM world. Enjoy! Continue reading

9 Telltale Signs You Need CRM

Most business owners have some kind of system in place for organizing information about customers, team members, and leads. This might mean a handful of business cards in a Rolodex, a binder flagged with Post-its and paperclips, or a simple section of a smartphone. Regardless of the organizational system, the one requirement is that it works.

But how do you know when it is not working? If you are using your own organizational system — or even if you are already using CRM — but feel that it is not working, it might be time you get some help! Here are 9 signs you need help with CRM. Continue reading

One Tweak to Double Web Results

If you are in sales, chances are you already know that lead response time matters. The fact is, lead response time can either make or break your sales. By “lead response time,” we mean the exact time it takes you to follow up with a lead that has contacted your business. As many researchers have shown in various studies, immediate or close to immediate response time is the main factor responsible for a business’s success or failure.

Leads are what leads you to sell the product. Need proof? Here’s the data. Continue reading

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