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Review: Last Month’s Blog Posts

Each month, we post blogs on our site featuring a wide variety of topics. We share posts that highlight our favorite tips, insights, and trends in the CRM industry; videos that offer both product tutorials and step-by-step instructions; and posts that focus on general business strategies / etiquette.

In a nutshell: our blogs are all different! Meaning: you don’t want to miss a single one.

But, if you did miss one, never fear. We have compiled this review of last month’s blogs, which will tell you everything you need to know about those posts. And we’ve included links, if you want to check them out! Continue reading

5 Fast Ways to More Inbound Leads

A steady flow of leads is an essential component to getting (and keeping) your business running. For this reason, marketers spend a significant amount of time, effort, and resources planning campaigns and content that will generate new leads who will eventually turn into paying customers. Easy enough, right? But — how is this actually done?

Read more to learn five fast ways to improve your lead generation process and get more inbound leads. Continue reading

6 Habits That Turn Prospects Away

Being excited about selling your product or service is a good thing. But too much excitement can make it easy to fall prey to bad habits instead of making a smarter, more innovative pitch to your prospects.

Sales reps only get one chance to sell – and the choices you make can either make or break a deal. So, how can you turn your next client meeting or cold call into a positive experience for you and your brand, instead of turning your prospects away?

Read more to learn the six sales habits to avoid when speaking with prospects. Continue reading

7 Savvy Ways to Spend Leftover CRM Budget

It is easy to find articles online about creating and following a CRM budget. We all know that CRM costs should be evaluated when deciding on how to implement CRM, and which system to choose. But what if you set a budget, and follow the budget so well that you still have some money leftover?

What are the most strategic ways to use leftover money from your CRM budget — in a manner that adds value? We have given it some thought, and come up with this list of seven savvy ways to spend your leftover CRM budget. Continue reading

How Can CRM Help Me Become a Better Salesperson?

How do you define success as a salesperson? Truly successful salespeople know that monetary success only comes as a result of being great at what they do. But how do they become great?

If you’re just starting your journey as a sales rep, or working to improve, one of the first things to understand is that successful salespeople earn their customers’ trust FIRST, which in turn results in earning their customers’ business. Here are seven traits of a successful salesperson and how the right CRM can help you develop those traits. Continue reading

5 Things You Learned in Kindergarten That’ll Help With Leads

Remember kindergarten? That great place where we were all free to explore, play, and be whoever we wanted to be? Well, turns out kindergarten is more than just a fond memory of the past. Many of the lessons we learned in kindergarten can help us be stronger in our business; specifically when it comes to finding and securing leads. Here are 5 things you learned in kindergarten that’ll help with leads.
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